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Painting: Unnamed Bird by Tewkesbury Abbey

Welcome, persons, to the history of art. But of course, not the history of all art but one niche corner trouve of Insider Outsider art that is this website and this history. To… Continue reading

21st Century Man – On A Wall

Deep in the suburbs of modern Britain hangs a portrait so toothsome, so vibrant, that it needs little by way of explanation. It is the second 21st Century Man painting out of the… Continue reading

Mean and Moody

Acrylic on canvas, highly-coloured Merlin bird stares out at the left where something is going on. Or not going on. Does the merlin bird think? If so, thoughts lie heavy on his feathered… Continue reading

Eurovision 2012 Live Draw

Yesterday I drew the Eurovision 2012 contestants as they appeared on screen. Pencil, pen and watercolour. They were posted as they happened on Twitter. These are four of the images. Sian Superman

Walton On Thames Triptych

Self explanatory. Painting By Luke Haines. Acrylic on x3 canvas. Size – fucking enormous. 1 of 1

World War I

To celebrate the life and achievements of Sir Elton John and his partner Sir David Furnish the first in a series of one ‘World War’ paintings. ‘World War 1′ Painting by Luke Haines.… Continue reading

An Article in the Lancet

Click here for an article in medical journal the Lancet about Outsider Art, featuring Sian Superman.

Sound Waves

Click to hear inside: the RSPCA reception area, North London. A thousand dogs smirk. A cat bellows. A man listens to rap music on his mobile – speakerphone. The voice of the people. The… Continue reading

Jimmy Savile – Broadmoor Summit

Jimmy Savile/ Bruno/Sutcliffe –  Painting By Luke Haines. Acrylic On Canvas. 30cmx40cm. Edition 1 of 1 North Sea Scrolls related. At some time in the mid ’90s Sir James Many Hats (RIP), in… Continue reading